The Fact About gay penis sleeve That No One Is Suggesting

Looking to give your spouse tonight? The attractiveness of our Fat Boy™ line is that it provides you both something special. Unlike most products that use a silicone or TPR substance meant to hold its shape, therefore reducing the pleasure on the penis; our mix is soft and pliable providing both partners pleasure. We've optimized the Fat Boy™ for girth improvement, yet we have maintained a tip design that was closed so the product make a movement that was sensuous alongside you and could be soft.

We have inserted nubs and ribs on all of the models for his pleasure. The cloth that is soft produces a satisfying and comfortable feeling for her while he receives a great deal of motion on his manhood. It might seem intimidating when you show off it, but remember it's soft like the skin on a penis so it will add a fun cushion and you may be able to go more wild then normal! We like to brag that both of you will orgasm with the Fat Boy™.

The feedback from the tens of thousands of customers is persistent: while giving him intense pleasure, the Fat Boy ™ is a ton of fun and can help her orgasm. Due to its cloth that is soft and stretchy, In addition to that it is actually comfy. It's super easy to get on and off; and stays in place by hooking on your balls with the opening at the bottom, which also gives the tug on your own balls while penetration or stroking.

We now have silicone penis extension four models. The difference between them is that the sizing. We would recommend starting with one of our Fat Boy™ Thin versions (CS-03 and CS -05). This version will include about 1/2-3/4" of girth which can make a difference in the atmosphere. Both this version and also our thicker versions come in two lengths. We've provided the graph below, to simplify picking the best model for your own desires.

Deciding on the right Fat Boy™ is a matter of tastes and sizing. So there is a wide variance in sizing by dimensions, the Fat Boy ™ is stretchy.

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